Understanding your timetable

Guide to Timetabling Weeks 

How do I read my timetable?

You can display the timetable by 'full academic year', or by term, or by week. Download the pdf Guide to Reading your TimetableTimetables include the module code, lecturing staff names, room location and week numbers.

Why are there multiple lectures listed for the same time? If there appears to be more than one activity taking place at the same time in a full year / term view, try displaying the timetable for one week at a time, rather than the full calendar year.

What do the week numbers mean? Timetable week numbers start in the middle of summer, so the start of teaching is NOT week one.  Download the pdf Guide to Timetabling Weeks or watch the 2 minute video explaining timetabling weeks.

Use the Find a Room tool to find the location of a room/lab. For the term dates for standard courses visit the term dates pages.