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Frequently Asked Questions

Induction timetables will be available in your USW Outlook calendar within two working days after you have completed your enrolment.

To access your teaching timetable, you must have set up your USW IT account and completed online enrolment. You can then view your timetable in your USW Outlook calendar.

You can view your timetable by day, week or month.  Your timetable will give you all the information you need about where and when your teaching will take place.

Your timetable should look something like this, but it may differ depending on the device you are using:


You can access your timetable via the UniLife homepage by selecting ‘Calendar’ or by going to the Outlook website.

Information on how to setup and access Outlook on desktop or laptop computers and iOS and Android devices is available here.

Please note that it can take up to two working days after you enrol for your timetable to appear in your Outlook calendar.

If you have been enrolled for more than two working days and you still cannot view your timetable contact us via Advice Zone Online.

Please note that not all your modules may be taught at the start of each term. So first check ahead in your Outlook calendar to confirm that the missing teaching does not take place in the future.

If you still cannot see all of your modules, please fully delete Outlook from your device, wait one hour, and then reinstall it and log back in using your USW IT account.

If your teaching timetable is showing different times than you expect, please check that the device you are using to access your timetable is set to the correct time zone.

Instructions on how to set your time zone:

Please be aware that it may not always be possible to change groups as this may have an impact on other students’ teaching timetables.

If you wish to change groups you should first discuss this with your personal tutor. If they approve a change, they will notify Scheduling Services who will then update your timetable.

If you have a question that you have not been able to find the answer to here, please contact us via Advice Zone Online.