Student Conduct

Students are expected to observe University policies and procedures, to respect persons and property and to show courtesy and consideration at all times. The University hopes that the need for disciplinary action will be rare. Any alleged misconduct will be dealt with in accordance with these procedures.

 Student Conduct - Frequently Asked Questions.

Procedural Flowcharts

    Previous years' regulations are available on request from the Student Casework Unit. Please email: [email protected]
  • Addendum to Student Code of Conduct for Covid-19  English | Welsh
  • Guidance for dealing with breaches of the Student Code of Conduct for Covid-19  English |Welsh
  • Process Flowchart  English | Welsh

Allegation of Student Misconduct

Request for Review

  • Risk Assessment Request for a Review Form English | Cymraeg
  • Request for Review of a Student Conduct Outcome Form English | Cymraeg
  • Guidance Notes for Request for Review of a Student Conduct Decision Form English | Cymraeg

The following are key changes to the student casework regulations for the 2020/21 academic year.

  • Impact Statements - The inclusion of the opportunity for the Reporting Party to submit an Impact Statement, should this be considered appropriate, depending on the nature of the allegations and the circumstances of the case (section 6.28). The Responding Party has the opportunity to submit a statement for consideration by the Disciplinary Committee, in addition to being able to represent themselves in person. Other institutions across the sector are introducing Impact Statements as a means of providing the Reporting Party and other affected parties with the same opportunity to have their voice heard. Legal advice has been taken on the advisability of introducing Impact Statements and we will be producing additional guidance that will underpin the procedure.
  • Clarification on the burden of proof (section 2.2)
  • Amendment to the section on the use of covert recordings to include further detail on the use of  recordings as evidence in student conduct cases, where the recording was made for another purpose (section 2.6)
  • Clarification on the acceptance of anonymous allegations and witness statements (section 2.9)
  • Clarification that the role of a support person may involve representation of a student and advocating or speaking for them, if it has been agreed as a reasonable adjustment due to a disability (section 3.5)
  • Amendment to the wording in the section relating to precautionary action (section 6.4)
  • Clarification that the Responding Student will be informed of the constitution of the Committee prior to the documentation being circulated and will be given the opportunity to raise any concerns in relation to membership, for example if they have grounds to consider that a member may be biased (section 6.18)

Risk Assessment

  • Clarification that the University Secretary (or nominee) may, due to the urgent or sensitive nature of the matter, approve precautionary action pending a meeting of the Panel (section 1)
  • Reference to the section of the Student Conduct Procedure that deals with conduct that is also a criminal offence (section 2)
  • Confirmation that a nominee is able to attend in place of a member of the Panel who is unavailable (section 3)
  • Clarification that a student may also be referred to the Fitness to Practise Procedure (sections 22 and 23)

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have now replaced the Data Protection Act. An explanation of how the University will use your data can be found here and in the Communication Plan above. Please note that in accordance with GDPR Regulations any third party supporting evidence will only be accepted if it is accompanied by a completed Third Party Consent Form.