Student Complaints

The University is committed to providing high-quality education and support to its students; however, we recognise that sometimes you may have concerns about the provision of your academic course and/or related services.

Concerns must be raised as soon as possible and no longer than 3 months after they first arise. This makes it much easier for us to investigate them thoroughly. We may decide not to progress your complaint if you do not raise it within the 3 month period and we do not believe you have offered a good reason for any delay.

You are encouraged, in the first instance, to raise issues directly with the relevant member of staff or the Advice Zone (please see the Early Resolution section of the Student Complaints Regulations and the FAQs below). You may wish to talk to the Students’ Union for advice and support:

Student Complaints - Frequently Asked Questions.

Procedural Flowcharts

  • Procedure for dealing with Complaints - Stage 1 (Early Resolution) English | Cymraeg
  • Procedure for dealing with Complaints - Stage 2 English | Cymraeg
  • Procedure for dealing with Complaints - Stage 3 (Request for Review) English | Cymraeg

Previous years' regulations are available on request from the Student Casework Unit. Please email:

Individual Complaints

Group Complaints

Request for Review

  • Request for Review of a Student Complaint Form English | Cymraeg
  • Guidance Notes for Request for Review of a Student Complaint Form English | Cymraeg

The following are key changes to the student casework regulations for the 2020/21 academic year. 

  • Cross-referencing section A3 3.6 to clarify requirements in terms of the timeliness of submission of complaints (section A1 1.3)
  • Clarification that complaints will not normally be accepted or considered without evidence (section A3 3.3)
  • Clarification that a recording should only be used for the purpose for which it was made and not made available to a third party without the consent of the individual it refers to, unless there is lawful reason to do so (section A3 3.5)
  • There may be certain circumstances where the faculty or Student Casework Unit consider that an Investigating Officer external to the faculty is required. In such cases, an appropriate individual will be agreed between the relevant parties (section A3 3.8)
  • Inclusion of a statement to confirm that the role of a support person may involve representation of a student and advocating or speaking for them, if it has been agreed as a reasonable adjustment due to a disability (section B1 1.3)
  • Inclusion of a statement confirming that the University will not normally accept anonymous complaints or witness statements and removal of the section relating to the maintenance of confidentiality of witnesses (section B3 3.9 and 3.12)
  • Inclusion of statement on the burden and standard of proof (section B3 3.24)
  • Clarification that a student is not able to raise new issues at stage 3 of the Procedure (section B4 4.3)

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have now replaced the Data Protection Act. An explanation of how the University will use your data can be found here and in the Communication Plan above. Please note that in accordance with GDPR Regulations any third party supporting evidence will only be accepted if it is accompanied by a completed Third Party Consent Form. 

The University aims to ensure that its quality standards are adhered to in the conduct of its examinations. Consequently a separate process has been put in place to allow you to report any issues related to the conduct of an examination with which you were unhappy. This should be submitted within five working days of the examination taking place.

Further details on how to report an issue with an examination can be found here.