Regulations for Taught Courses

Current Regulations

Awards Framework

  • The Awards Framework (please refer to the Section A7 in the Regulations for Taught Courses)

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), also known as Large Language Models (LLMs), can generate multi-modal content based on human prompts and are making a significant impact on the field of education. The rapid development of tools, such as ChatGPT, present substantial challenges in terms of assessment and maintaining academic integrity, but they also offer valuable opportunities to enrich and personalise student learning experiences.

The University of South Wales (USW) is committed to leveraging generative AI for the benefit of students and staff, and promotes the fair, ethical, professional, and responsible use of generative AI tools. The University is committed to preparing our students for an increasingly AI-enabled future and acknowledge digital fluency as a key USW graduate attribute.

The University has strict guidelines on student conduct and academic integrity. These stress that students must be the authors of their own work. Content produced with generative AI platforms, such as ChatGPT, without an approved method of declaration and/or prior academic approval, does not represent the student’s own original work so could be considered a form of academic misconduct to be dealt with under the University's Academic Misconduct procedures.

Students are encouraged to engage collaboratively with our staff to uphold the academic integrity of our awards and maintain the University’s core values of being Professional, Responsive, Creative, Inspiring and Collaborative that are at the heart of our community.

The University will continue to monitor the developments of generative AI and is committed to ensuring student and staff are supported with guidance as this technology evolves.

Exceptional Regulations

In accordance with the University’s Regulations for Taught Courses, the Exceptional Arrangement Regulations (Section 7) were invoked on 15th May 2023. These were updated and signed off by Academic Board in April 2023. This is to enable Assessment Boards to determine module outcomes, progression decisions and awards, wherever possible, taking into account all available information.

For USW students who have commenced their studies since September 2013.  Links to previous versions of the Regulations for Taught Courses can be found below.

Regulations for Taught Courses and changes made in previous academic session:

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Course Specific Regulations 2018-19

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Students enrolled under the University of Wales, Newport regulations should refer to the Regulations for the University of Wales, Newport:

University of Wales, Newport Regulations

Information about Univerity of South Wales Regulations 2013-14:

A work package was introduced to define the alignment University of Wales, Newport’s Assessment and Award Regulations (UWN) and University of Glamorgan’s (UoG) Regulations for Taught Courses. This paper was agreed at Academic Board in its meeting on 14th June 2013. It outlines the approach to the regulations of the University of South Wales. This paper is provided as a context for the development of the USW regulations. Work Package: Regulations for Taught Courses

Newport/University of South Wales Conversion Chart