Student Regulations

Student Regulations

Student Regulations

When you register as a student of the University of South Wales, you are agreeing to comply with the Student Code of Practice and all other University regulations and procedures.  The University’s regulations and procedures outline our approach to learning, teaching and assessment as well as academic and non-academic conduct issues and complaints and appeals, and are designed to ensure the University acts fairly and consistently in relation to all students.

Exceptional Regulations

In accordance with the University’s Regulations for Taught Courses, the Exceptional Arrangement Regulations (Section 7) were invoked on 15th May 2023. These were updated and signed off by Academic Board in April 2023. This is to enable Assessment Boards to determine module outcomes, progression decisions and awards, wherever possible, taking into account all available information.

For USW students who have commenced their studies since September 2013.  Links to previous versions of the Regulations for Taught Courses can also be found following the link above.

Raising Concerns about the Impact of Industrial Action

The University will do everything it can to minimise the impact of any industrial action on your teaching, learning and assessment. If you feel that you have been disadvantaged because of the industrial action, you should talk to your module or course leader in the first instance. 

If you remain dissatisfied and you feel that the University has not taken sufficient steps to minimise the impact of the industrial action on you, then you may submit a student complaint or an academic appeal. 

Submitting a formal complaint

A formal complaint relating to the impact on you of the industrial action should be submitted using the form Complaint About Industrial Action: Complaint Form Industrial Action

Additional information on industrial action for students is available here: Raising Concerns about the Impact of Industrial Action

Submitting an academic appeal

If you believe that your academic performance has been impacted by the industrial action, you are able to submit an academic appeal using the University’s Academic Appeals Procedure, once your results have been confirmed by the assessment board. 

Further information 

Additional information on industrial action for students is available here: Industrial Action information for students | University of South Wales

The OIA FAQs for students on industrial action is available here: Industrial Action - FAQ for students - OIAHE

Support for Students with Disabilities

The Student Casework Unit is committed to providing an inclusive service to all our students. We recognise that engaging with student casework procedures (Appeals, Complaints etc.) can be a very stressful time. The guidance below details the number of ways in which the University can support those with a disability, through its casework procedures. 

Support for Students with Disabilities

Unacceptable Behaviour

The University is committed to providing a fair, accessible and consistent service for all its students, in particular those who access student casework procedures. However, we also have a duty of care to our staff and consequently, we will not tolerate behaviour which is deemed to be unacceptable or unreasonable. The guidance below details how we manage the minority of students whose actions we consider unacceptable and/or unreasonable and are impeding the ability of staff to carry out the University’s procedures.  

Unacceptable Behaviour

Assessment Deadlines

Further information can be found here: Assessment Information and Support | University of South Wales 

Course of Action to be taken during the Covid-19 Pandemic COURSE OF ACTION TO BE TAKEN DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC

Office of the Independent Adjudicator

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) is an independent body set up to review student complaints. Under the Higher Education Act 2004 the University of South Wales subscribes to the independent scheme for the review of student complaints (including complaints into decisions regarding appeals and student misconduct).

Maintaining your Student Record

Office of Independent Adjudicator