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All results you receive in-year are considered provisional and could be subject to change up until the point of confirmation at assessment boards.

Students’ overall module grades are agreed at subject assessment boards. The subject assessment board then pass the students’ module grades to the relevant award and progression assessment board. Award and progression assessment boards are responsible for deciding students’ progression, completion and, if appropriate, overall outcome (classification) on the basis of the grades supplied by the subject assessment boards.

All results are published via the Results Service. Throughout the Academic Year, you should be able to view marks for completed assessment (these marks will not have been confirmed by the Assessment Board and are subject to change). Once your results have been confirmed through assessment boards they will be available via the Results Service on the set dates. At this point all results will be available including dissertation and examination marks.

The Regulations for Taught Courses provide further information on qualifications and their classification: 


A2: Undergraduate Course Regulations, paragraphs 34-50 

A3: Taught Postgraduate Course Regulations, paragraphs 21-27 

A5: Course Regulations – Other Awards, paragraphs 55-56 

If applicable, the No Detriment Approach has been applied to your results automatically. Full information on the approach is available via the link above.

Information relating to the Coronavirus pandemic and ‘no detriment'


At the end of each academic year your results will be processed through an Assessment Board. Following the assessment board your results will be released to you. If you are unsure of which board you will be processed through please contact your Campus Advice Zone. Students studying at Partner Colleges, Partner Organisations or UNICAF should contact their usual course contact.

The University sets a number of Results Days following the main Assessment Boards within the Academic Year. These are detailed below;

June Assessment Boards

Assessment Boards Meet:

6th June - 24th June 2022

Results Published Online:

Final Year Students:  From 9am on Wednesday 29th June 2022

Non-Final Year Students:  From 9am on Thursday 30th June 2022

July Assessment Boards

Unicaf Students:

Assessment Boards Meet:

26th July - 28th July 2022

Results Published Online:

From 9am on 2nd August 2022

Professional Education:

Assessment Boards Meet:

5th July 2022

Results Published Online:

From 9am on 7th July 2022

Post Compulsory Education (On Campus Students):

Assessment Boards Meet:

14th July 2022

Results Published Online:

From 9am on 19th July 2022

August Assessment Boards

Assessment Boards Meet:

22nd August to 2nd September 2022

Results Published Online:

From 9am on 7th September 2022

ACCA students: From 9am on 9th September 2022

Business Courses (January Start) and ECBM Fashion:

Assessment Boards Meet:

10th August 2022

Results Published Online:

From 9am on 12th August 2022

Chiropractic - Level 7

Assessment Boards Meet:

30th August 2022

Results Published Online:

From 9am on 1st September 2022

Undergraduate Business January start courses

Dates to be confirmed

Nursing Courses

Dates to be confirmed

Activity Timeline

Appeals Deadline - All students: Within 10 working days of the Results Day

You can print your results using the PDF button in the Results Service screens. A PDF copy of your results will be sent to your student e-mail account. This is the official version of the results and will print with the University Header.

Please note that when you complete your qualification you will receive an official certificate and transcript (as appropriate) following the graduation ceremonies that are held in July and December.

This service is available for current students through the Advice Zone