On your Graduation Day

What do I do on arrival?

To ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible, we advise that you arrive at least two hours prior to the start of your Graduation Ceremony. On arrival, the first thing you should do is collect your academic dress. 

Your robes, hood and hat will be fitted by a member of the Ede and Ravenscroft Team so please ensure you arrive dressed ready for your ceremony.

You will receive detailed instructions for your Graduation Day via email, approximately one week prior to your ceremony.

How do I register my attendance and collect my tickets?

Once you have collected your academic dress you will be directed to the Ticket Collection desk to register your attendance and collect your tickets, your guest tickets and any extra tickets you have been allocated. 

Please ensure you keep your tickets safe as there will be strictly no admittance to the ceremony venue without a ticket.

Will there be extra guest tickets available?

We cannot guarantee that there will be extra guest tickets available for any of our graduation ceremonies. However, if you have not been successful in applying for extra guest tickets or require further guest tickets on the day, please enquire at the Queries Desk where further information will be available.

Where do I have my professional photographs taken? 

All locations will be signposted on the day and stewards will be available for any queries you may have. 

What happens if I arrive late for my graduation ceremony?

All graduands and guests must be seated in the ceremony venue at least 20 minutes prior to the start time of the ceremony. 

Any graduands or guests arriving after this time can only be admitted to the ceremony at the discretion of the Chief Steward.

Important security information

There will be enhanced security checks in place for all graduation ceremonies, which will include a searching policy to protect the enjoyment of all graduands and guests attending. We ask you to assist by taking note of the following:

  • No large bags are permitted – any bag above the size of a ladies clutch bag is likely to be searched
  • No suitcases will be permitted at the graduation venue, graduands and guests may be refused entry
  • On arrival, graduands and guests will enter the venue via separate entrances, please ensure each member of the party is in receipt of the correct tickets.

Please ensure you plan your arrival to allow sufficient time for the increased security measures.

Do you still have a question regarding the order of your graduation day? 

Please contact us via Advice Zone Online.

How long will the graduation ceremony last?

The graduation ceremony will last approximately one and half to two hours.

Can I bring children to the graduation ceremony?

You can bring children, but the ceremony can last up to one and half to two hours, so it’s not advisable to bring very young children. Children cannot sit with graduands – they must sit with the guests. 

We ask that they are taken out of the auditorium if they disrupt the ceremony. Due to fire regulations in the Graduation ceremony venues, all guests, including children, will need a ticket. This includes babies in prams and children sitting on adults’ laps.

What happens on arrival at the ceremony venue?

The doors to the ceremony hall will open 45 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. When you arrive at the ceremony venue stewards will direct you and your guests to the correct entrance, your tickets will be checked and you will be directed to your seat. 

You will have been allocated a specific seat number and it is very important that you do not move or swap seats with another graduand. Once you have had your ticket checked and been shown to your seat it is essential that you do not leave the hall. 

Please ensure that you have taken all comfort breaks prior to entering the ceremony hall.

What should I do with my personal belongings?

You may not return to the same seat after crossing the stage and being presented with your award. Therefore, you should not bring any personal belongings in to the ceremony hall. 

This includes bags of any description, coats or electronic devices. We advise that all personal belongings are left with your guests.

What happens when I am presented with my award?

  • On entering the ceremony hall your ticket will be collected by a Marshal, and you will be highlighted as in attendance.
  • You will be shown to you seat and must remain there unless given permission to leave by a Marshal.
  • Prior to being presented, you will be directed towards the left-hand side of the stage by a Marshal.
  • When your name is called by the Presenter you should go on to the stage and proceed across the stage to be greeted by the Chancellor or nominee .
  • When you have left the stage (from the right-hand side) you should remove your cap and place it under your arm. Caps should not be put on again during the ceremony.
  • On leaving the stage, you will be directed back to your seat.  This may not be your original seat but you can collect any belongings after the ceremony.

  • You should remain seated in the ceremony hall until the end of the ceremony. A Marshal will direct you from your seat to the exit in turn.

To watch a video clip of what happens when you cross the stage, please click here.

Do you still have a question regarding the ceremony?

Please contact us via Advice Zone Online.

During the University’s graduation ceremonies, there will be a live video stream available to view online:

The stream is only live during graduations. You can find the date, location and time of graduation for your course here

After the ceremonies, you will be able to watch an archive of the streams.

Parking information is available via the ICC Wales website

Do you still have a question regarding ceremony parking?

Please contact us via Advice Zone Online.

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If you still have a question regarding the ceremony, 
please contact us via Advice Zone Online.

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