Certificates and Transcripts

If after you've read our frequently asked questions you still have a question about your certificate and/or transcript, please contact us via Advice Zone Online.


Your certificate will show the name that you have registered with the University, the Award that you have achieved, the grade that you have attained (if applicable), the date that your award was conferred at an Assessment Board, the date that it was issued and your Student ID.


In addition to the certificate, you will receive a document called a transcript which shows the same information, but includes your date of birth plus all the modules you studied and the results. 

There is usually one transcript per academic year of your course. 

Employers, or any HE institutions to which you apply may want to see your transcript for evidence of your performance. The reverse of the transcript provides information about the University’s grading scheme.

Certificates and transcripts are unique and valuable documents so be sure to keep them safe.

It is very important to note that your official document(s) show the name that you have registered with the University and your course information. If there are any errors (e.g. misspelling, missing name), please contact us via Advice Zone Online as a matter of urgency as changes cannot be made once your final award has been conferred at an Assessment Board.

The Bologna Process introduced the concept of the Diploma Supplement which is intended to provide information on the level and nature of the higher education (HE) qualifications attained by students in Europe and set them in the overall national qualifications framework.

The University, along with many others, is not yet in a position to provide the full Diploma Supplement but much of the information which it contains is already present in the certificate and transcripts which you will receive.

Further information on the contents of your programme of study can be obtained from the University’s Modules and Programmes database. This will take you to the Modules and Programmes database with general read only access for Students. Here you will find details of the course and modules studied, including the aims and objectives of the course and the learning outcomes of the course and modules.

By adding this information to your certificate and transcript you will have a full set of information to match the European standards.

No. As per University policy, you will not receive your certificate and/or transcript if you have an outstanding debt owed to the University. This will also apply to you if you become a debtor after registering for your ceremony. 

If you believe you currently owe a debt to the University, we would advise that you contact the Finance Department on 01443 483340 as soon as possible.

Academic Registry produces certificates and/or transcripts for all awarded students of the University following its Assessment Boards. The boards are held at regular intervals throughout the academic year.

These documents are usually distributed to students at, or following, the University’s graduation ceremonies.

Following the ceremonies, all the remaining documentation is posted out via Royal Mail to students unless requested otherwise via the Graduation System.

You may be able to receive your certificate and/or transcript before you graduation ceremony. See below for availability.

If your Assessment Board is in March your certificate/transcript will be available in June

If your Assessment Board is in June your certificate/transcript will be available at or after the July Graduation Ceremonies

If your Assessment Board is in September your certificate/transcript will be available in November

If your Assessment Board is in November your certificate/transcript will be available at or after the December Graduation Ceremonies

But I need confirmation of my results immediately and cannot wait until my official documents are available

All students can print off a copy of their online results which can be stamped, signed and authenticated by the University as a true and accurate reflection of the award/ credit achieved. 

Please contact your Campus Advice Zone

A letter outlining the timescales and production of the University’s official documentation is available here.

Please complete the online form if you wish to receive your certificate prior to your Graduation Ceremony.

If we do have to send out your documentation, it is sent to the registered home address on your student record. 

If you wish have your documents sent elsewhere, or picked up by a third party, you can request this by logging into the Graduation System and registering your details.

All students are permitted to print off a copy of their online results which can be stamped, signed and authenticated by the University as a true and accurate reflection of the award/ credit achieved. Please contact your Campus Advice Zone.