Preparing for your exams

  • Check your timetable to ensure that all exams are listed (contact [email protected] for any queries)
  • If you have a valid Individual Support Plan (ISP) ensure that your provision is reflected in your timetable. NB If you ahave reader, scribe or typist as part of your ISP and require one for an exam it is vital that you speak with your Module Leader to ensure one is booked
  • Be aware of arrival and departure procedures and familiarise yourself with the location of the exam room  via FindARoom.
  • Familiarise yourself with rules of student conduct during an exam,  including items that are not permitted in an exam room.

Ensure you are aware of the University’s exam regulations, including rules of conduct, items not permitted in an exam room and the 'Fit to Sit' Policy. Please access the "Examination Rules" section of the Regulations for Taught Courses

You must provide your student ID card at every exam. If you do not have your student card, an invigilator will need to escort you to the Assessment Team Office at the end of the exam to verify your identity.

Sample paperwork: